Approved 3rd Party EDI Service by Wal-mart, BBB, Target, Burlington Stores, Academy, Fry's, and many more.

EDI Service Bureau Our managed services are your best value available anywhere. All of our solutions are scaleable from a "one-man-operation" to Fortune 500 companies and grow as you do. In no instance will you need to log in and labor through a Web form like our competition subjects you to. Your documents come in to ACT, we translate them to a format you can read, and deliver them where you want them. Simple, low cost, low overhead, approach to make your life easier.

Webstore Portals take care of all communications with your supplychain. Every order and all tracking between your storefronts and your supply chain is processed without any intervention. You focus on making and supporting sales, we take care of the rest. Nobody can match the power we bring to your Webstore order processing.

For over 25 years our clients have enjoyed the benefits of personalized, professional, courteous service.

Switch over your existing EDI to ACT Data for free!

Custom Portals from Order Collection to Shipment Consolidation to Document Lifecycle, our custom portals are built to your specifications. Call for A free quote.

Integration Services specializing in 3PL warehouse/logisitics as well as NAESB energy data exchange.

VAN Services Our Value Added Network solutions are designed to really add value to data networking. We offer inline translations and integrations as well as inline cross referencing for data enhancement. Of course, traditional VAN functions like auto-forwarding and carbon-copying are available, plus we add off-net or private-net delivery like to AS2 or FTP.

See why we have been growing steadily since 1985 and why our dear clients stay with us longer than any other service; many coming to us after sampling other services.  Call 800-ACT-DATA now.   

Electronic Data Interchange is all that our EDI service bureau does,

and each analyst is an expert in service and compliance issues.

...the team started the work on time and finished on schedule...
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