We offer e-commerce solutions including EDI internet services, EDI service bureau, BigCommerce. We offer e-commerce solutions including EDI internet services, EDI service bureau, BigCommerce.

Process Flow Overview

The Process Flow shown above documents our least intensive solution designed to support vendors with the least amount of technological resources, just email and a printer. Contact us for our wide range of advanced integrations with whatever your needs are; API, XML, EDI to EDI, etc. as well as data cross-referencing and document building.

As shown above, ACT receives your purchase orders through our EDI connection, returns Function Acknowledgements to the trade partner (your customer), converts the data into a readable format/spreadsheet and emails a Purchase Order Report/file to you. We provide summaries and, if required, individual Pick Tickets. You may also request customized reports. Additional EDI documents such as the 852 Product Activity Report, 830 Planning Schedule, and 820 Remittance Advice can also be processed.

When you notify us what you intend to ship, ACT creates a file of UCC-128 (SSCC18) Barcode Labels, and packing slips (where applicable), and emails them to you. Immediately upon completion of the orders, you can fax or email to us the shipping information so that a 100% compliant ASN is transmitted. We can also take uploaded files from your UPS/Fed Ex system when applicable.

ACT also generates EDI invoices and transmits them to your customer so that you are paid. You can provide us with a paper copy of your invoice or ACT can assign the invoice numbers automatically. In either case, we can send you an Invoice Summary Report and/or a downloadable file for your bookkeeping. We monitor the functional acknowledgements to assure receipt of all documents by your customer.

Any additional EDI services not listed in this package will gladly be discussed on an individual basis.

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