We provide our partners with unparalleled support throughout the entire process, from initial setup through production and beyond. Here’s how it works:

Setup and testing

  • Our testing specialist assists you in completing all EDI related forms
  • Vendor compliance: We deal directly with your customer to ensure all documents are tested and you are fully compliant with all EDI requirements. EDI compliance is our business.
  • Your account is now ready to receive the first production order


  • Our implementation specialists process your first order from beginning to end, walking you through the entire process
  • Training is arranged and provided for anyone in your organization who has a role in the internet EDI process
  • All forms and procedures are reviewed in detail to ensure your complete understanding as well as make any modifications you desire (order format, contact list, special requests, etc.
  • Everyone involved must feel comfortable with the process before being moved to the production department


  • Your specific team leader is your everyday contact for all production issues
  • All work is handled by your dedicated account team


Free phone support is available during normal business hours for any questions or concerns you may have. Someone from our office will always answer the phone to assist you, no hold queue or revolving voicemail.

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For over 25 years our clients have enjoyed the benefits of personalized, professional, courteous service.

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ACT Data has been considered the best in the business for more than 25 years. Our dear clients stay with us longer than any other service; many come to us after sampling other services.

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For over 25 years our clients have enjoyed the benefits of personalized, professional, courteous service.

Take care of all communications with your supply chain. Every order and all tracking between your storefronts and your supply chain are processed without any intervention. You focus on making and supporting sales, we take care of the rest. Nobody can match the power we bring to your Webstore order processing.

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