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Along with our EDI service bureau, we offer custom portals. Many of our large international clients or clients with a matrix of source/destination issues utilize our expertise to help manage product flow. Since we own all of our resources from Database development and Web interface building, we can tailor our solutions to meet your needs. Our most popular solutions currently in place include:

  • Custom Order Collection – Manufacturers need to collect Purchase Orders in a standardized format from Indie stores/distributors. In your own Branded portal we build and host, you manage parameters of which products/how many/what price you offer your products to each Indie. Link product codes to your image library, set minimum purchases, set discount per Indie, allow each Indie to select from their multiple ship to destinations. Orders are delivered to your IT in your format as well as order confirmation emailed to Indie.
  • Shipping Consolidation Systems- Group shipments from many manufacturing plants all across the globe into ocean containers for all pedigree, customs, ocean bills of lading, least cost routing, etc..
  • Document Lifecycle Visibility – High volume users can track all orders in through ACT all the way out to invoicing your Customer. Visibility of every “touch” along the way from any party, not just ACT, can be shared with all who have proper access to our portal.

Whether you need a custom web portal or web based EDI services, please contact ACT Data Services, Inc. With an in-house team of experienced staff, we can perform all your internet EDI tasks at a great price. Take advantage of our value added network to simplify your data.

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For over 25 years our clients have enjoyed the benefits of personalized, professional, courteous service.

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For over 25 years our clients have enjoyed the benefits of personalized, professional, courteous service.

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