EDI Solutions for Suppliers of VCommerce

For all of your EDI needs come to ACT Data Services, Inc. We offer a complete Service Bureau solution, which includes processing and administering the entire EDI program for you. All you need to know is how to receive and send email. No EDI specific software or hardware required.

ACT will receive your orders (850) through our EDI mailbox, return acknowledgements to the trade partner, convert the data into a readable format and email a purchase order report to you. We provide summaries and, if required, individual pick tickets. You may also request customized reports. We will then return the PO Acknowledgement (855) to Target.

ACT also sends the Advance Ship Notice (856). We will monitor the functional acknowledgements to assure receipt at the customer.

We offer a complete service bureau and guarantee full compliance. Leave EDI to the experts.

ACT is committed to 24 HR. turnaround time on all documents.

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ACT Data has been considered the best in the business for more than 25 years. Our dear clients stay with us longer than any other service; many come to us after sampling other services.

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For over 25 years our clients have enjoyed the benefits of personalized, professional, courteous service.

Take care of all communications with your supply chain. Every order and all tracking between your storefronts and your supply chain are processed without any intervention. You focus on making and supporting sales, we take care of the rest. Nobody can match the power we bring to your Webstore order processing.

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