EDI Solutions for Suppliers of Wal-mart

For Warehouse or Store Orders: Purchase Order (850), Invoice (EDI 810), and Optional ASN (EDI 856) Processing. For Drop-ship (DSV) Orders, Add Inventory Feeds (EDI 846), PO Acknowledgement (EDI 855) and Wal-mart Branded Packlist. 

By design, our solutions are less intrusive and manually intensive than our competitor’s. We automate processes wherever possible and integrate wherever prudent. Your time saved for more valuable tasks and errors are minimized.

ACT Data Services, Inc. is fortunate to be a Wal-Mart approved 3rd party EDI service. ACT provides AS2 connectivity to receive/translate/send your data from our facility. This enables us to offer full end-to-end EDI compliance to Wal-Mart suppliers of all sizes at very reasonable prices. We handle DSD (Direct Store Delivery) orders as well as DC shipments. We provide order summaries, individual pick tickets and SSCC-14 (aka I 2 of 5) labels all via email. ACT also offers customized reports and data file interfacing.

ACT generates EDI invoices to transmit to Wal-mart for you. You can provide us with an invoice number or ACT can assign them. In either case, we will send you an invoice summary report detailing all activity. We monitor the functional acknowledgements to assure receipt by Wal-Mart. Pricing is on a per PO basis and includes the invoice and optional ASN.

For ASN vendors, ACT generates UCC-128 and sends them to your warehouse ready to print. You may print them on a standard laser printer or on a thermal printer. Return the shipping information to ACT immediately upon completion of the orders so that a timely ASN can be transmitted.

Come to ACT Data Services, Inc. for all of your value added network and Web EDI needs. We are a complete service bureau that processes and administers EDI transmissions so thoroughly you won’t even have to spell EDI. We offer customized in-house solutions and complete consulting services.

Trust your EDI to the experts.

ACT is committed to 24 HR. turnaround time on all documents.

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ACT Data has been considered the best in the business for more than 25 years. Our dear clients stay with us longer than any other service; many come to us after sampling other services.

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Take care of all communications with your supply chain. Every order and all tracking between your storefronts and your supply chain are processed without any intervention. You focus on making and supporting sales, we take care of the rest. Nobody can match the power we bring to your Webstore order processing.

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